Get a Google Plus page.

Estimated Lifetime Worth: $20,000 [Whoa – why is that number so big?]

Google+ isn’t a very popular social network in comparison to Facebook – but that doesn’t matter.

It has incredible SEO value – and for just one reason:

When you connect your Google+ page to your website, your face is shown next to all of your search engine results.

33% of people click on the top result of Google. Why? Because it’s the easiest to click on. It shows up first, and likely has a catchy enough headline to be interesting. Why not give it a click?

But when you add faces into the mix, that all changes. Take a look at this:

SEO Trick - Rich Snippets might be ranked 3rd, but look at that face! That’s a clickable result.

Here’s how you can make that happen:

Step 1. You need a Google+ account. If you don’t yet have one, get one now.

Step 2. Go to your Google+ profile, and click About->Links->Edit



Step 3. Go to the “Contributor to” section, and add a link to your website. This tells Google that you write articles for that website, which will allow them to include your face in search results.

Google Authorship


Step 4. Make sure you have a Google+ profile picture – and make sure that it is a photo of your face. Only face pictures are allowed, and Google can tell what is/isn’t a face (they’re very wise).

Step 5. – Verification. In order to prove to Google that you’re the real owner of your site, you need to put a link to your Google+ profile somewhere on your website. Hint: you should add this to the bottom of all of your pages (ex. “Join us on Google+”).

And that’s it! Within a few weeks, you should see your face popping up in search results.


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