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Punjabi Game Lariyan Da Garh

Punjabi Game Lariyan Da Garh

Punjabi Game Lariyan da Garh (لڑائیاں دا گڑھ)

Stronghold Crusader In Punjabi Name Lariyan Da Garh
Stronghold: Crusader,Orignal Game released on July 31, 2002,
Lariyan Da Garh Trailer

Punjabi Game Lariyan Da Garh

Umed hein sab kheriyat se hungae

 Doston aaj mein aap k liye punjabi game laiya hun jo umeed ha
 game ka name ha Punjabi Game Lariyan da Garh
jo k famous game Stronghold Crusader in Punjabi me dubb kia gye ha
Game Ki requirement bohat hi kam hien ,almost sab PC pe b chal skti  ha
aur game mein multiplayer ka option b ha to
abi der kis bat ki ha

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Ab ap yeh game apne mobile per b khel skty hein

اب آپ یہ گیم اپنے موبائل پر بھی کھیل سکتے ہیں طریقہ دیکھیں


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complete hone pe update kr di jaen gi comments kren apna email mein rabta kronga
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Part 6  that one is only game run .exe file
duaon mein yad rakhiye ga
Comment here if you have any problem
thnx a lot take care
Allah Hafiz
Naveed Prince

StrongHold Crusader Cheat Code

From the main menu, press and hold the CTRL key and type: TRIBLADE2002.

Launch the game and use one of the following code:

  • [alt] + C Unlock all mission.
  • [alt] + K Built for free.
  • [alt] + X Increase gold.

Game Interface Shortcuts

Pause Game: P
Scrolling around the map: S, W, A, D and Cursor keys.
Zoom in & out of map: Spin mouse wheel forward or backward or use R & F.
Rotate map: Hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse or use Q & E.
Rotate Buildings: With building selected, spin mouse wheel forward or backward, or use 1 and 2 key.
Top Down View: Space Bar or ALT+Space Bar
Interface Panel On/OFF: TAB
Adjust game speed: +/- (Numeric Keypad)
Screen Shot: ALT & Q (PRT SCR in Legends)
Game into smaller window: SHIFT & TAB (This minimizes the screen, but you can still play it.)
Unit Camera Angle: QWER (At the same time). This lets you see from the unit’s point of view. Serves more of an aesthetic purpose than functional.


In Stronghold 2 the hotkey opens the building panel but does not return to the building.

In Stronghold Legends the hotkey opens the building panel, press twice to return to the building.

Keep: K
Granary: G
Barracks: B
Mercenary Post: N
Monastery: O
Market: M
Siege Camp (Cycle): J
Estates (Cycle): (Period Key) <Numeric Keypad>
Treasury: T (Stronghold 2 only)


Locate your Lord: L
Cycle through all Lords: SHIFT & L
Grouping Troops: Select a group of troops and press CTRL & 0 to 9 and then press 0 to 9 to locate them.
Setting up Multiple Way points: Hold down SHIFT and left click.
Bookmarking Locations: CTRL + ALT + 0 to 9: Pressing the CTRL & ALT & 0 to 9 creates a bookmark of the current location on the map. Press ALT and the appropriate number to return to this location.
Unit selection: Units can be added or removed from a selection by holding down the SHIFT key then left clicking on them. Multiple units can be added to a selection by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging a box around them.
Double clicking on a unit will select all of that unit type visible on the screen.
Select units of the same type: Double-click on a troop to select all units of the same type visible on screen.
Troop Assembly Points (Barracks, Mercenary Post, Engineers Guild, Monastery: 1 to 7. You can create assembly points for each troop type in the barracks panel & mercenary post. Open the barracks or Mercenary Post (B or N) then press 1 – 7 and you will be able to place a flag. The troop you create from the building will walk to the flag. You can set assembly points for other building types such as the engineer’s guild.
Select Single Thickness of wall: Z
Select Double Thickness of wall: X
Select Triple Thickness of wall: C
Select Wooden wall: V

Multiplayer Commands

Taunt: F1 to F12


Greetings all gamers! There are a few interesting tricks which can be done with peasants, and I thought I should make a tutorial.


Trick 1

 Recruit troops even when the maximum limit is achieved.

 Doesn’t work in multiplayer

This trick is very easy and I think most of You know it however I’ll explain again:

When the maximum limit is achieved do the following actions:

Make sure you disband a few troops to be allowed to buy!

  1. Sleep all your workers
  2. Go to the mercenary post, barracks or engineers (it depends on which troops You want to buy)
  3. Then pause the game as quick as possible (press p)
  4. Now buy the troops! Make sure You have enough gold and weapons (if you buy European units)

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