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Swollen Mobile Battery Fix – Causes Of Mobile Battery Swelling

Swollen Mobile Battery Fix

This is how to Swollen Mobile Battery Fix very simple way do it yourself , Fix a swollen battery, fix a dead battery also if battery circuit is working

What happens once telephone battery starts swelling?

1. Phone gets turned off itself with none notification.
2. Back cover cant close properly
3. Phone battery can drain (discharge) soon.

Note: Since the time battery has swollen, my phone went off automatically multiple times whereas surfing internet and listening to music even more then 85% phone battery was charged.

4. Phone battery will not last longer than associate hour or could also be but that.
5. Saved password for websites can get erased and you’ll got to get into login credentials.

What causes telephone battery swelling?

1. If you overcharge the battery.
2. If Battery have some issue.

How to Fix Swollen Mobile Battery ?

is that safe to fix your swollen battery ? ans is NO

but if you have no option then you can try that how i make mobile working

again to putting other company battery inside my mobile and its still working

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